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We are your hosts Karen and Nick.  We are nature lovers who are passionate about living lightly. We’re aiming to live off the grid in the future and plan to turn our 1.5 acre into a sweet homestead. We love the birds, frogs and rabbits and they love it here, too. We believe in the healing power of nature and know that time spent outside can help us ground in a healthy lifestyle. 

We’ve poured lots of love into The Snug to create a peaceful cabin-like studio, a boutique retreat to offer solitude, calm and reflection.

We hope you love this magical space as much as we do!

Our house is on the property but we are laid-back and will happily keep to ourselves. You may see us working in the garden by day or sitting by the fire by night. We may be around or out of town during your visit. 

Need help getting a fire going? Have questions about the local area? If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

We would like to extend our professional services to you. We offer them by appointment only, so please do book with us when you book your accommodations. We operate out of our cozy little cabin. Our three cats love making friends, so we hope you’ll love them too. 

"So cozy and welcoming.  We came from the East Coast and absolutely love it here"

"I came here from Toronto to get away for the weekend.  What a great little spot surrounded by nature"

"I come here to get away and write.  It really is a wonderful place to relax, and the town is so welcoming."

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